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Interinvestments Realty Sells Brickell Station Lofts for $17 million

02/17/2012 | Source Miami Herald
Brickell Station Lofts, 63 unit luxury residential building, sell for $17 million in January 2012. The strong rental market in Brickell attract investors in acquiring residential units in the area. Brickell is one of South Florida's most desirable locations, know as "The International Heart of Miami." Read More

Interinvestments Realty® Unveils its Future Plans for 2012 and Recognizes its Top Real Estate Associates

02/28/2012 | Source Miami Herald
On Friday, February 24, 2012, in the Doral Park Golf and Country Club, Interinvestments Realty® celebrated the past year’s achievements. “One of our biggest accomplishments is the inclusion of 7 new tools in our, which is a Realtors’® Luxury Website with ‘smart features,” said Emilio Cardenal, Executive President of Interinvestments Realty® in his allocation. Read More

Interinvestments Realty® an Avant Garde Miami Real Estate Firm Which Caters to the International Buyer; is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry in South Florida

03/09/2012 | Source Miami Herald
Last week, Interinvestments Realty® launched two new technical tools and also introduced its bi-weekly digital newsletters.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Has Great Success with Foreign Investors Purchasing New Luxury Condominiums in South Florida!

04/02/2012 | Source CBS News
Interinvestments Realty(R) one of South Florida most prestigious real estate companies has successfully promoted many advantageous transactions for its clients in the new-construction marketplace. Read More

Interinvestments Realty® Validates the Importance of the Foreign Buyer in South Florida’s Real Estate Markets by Expanding its International Referral Network

04/19/2012 | Source Boston Globe
erinvestments Realty® validates the importance of the foreign buyer in South Florida’s real estate markets by expanding its international referral network of Broker-affiliates. Read More

Interinvestments Realty the Renowned Miami Real Estate Firm Announces the Inauguration of its International Website, Showcasing the Finest Properties in the Florida

05/11/2012 | Source San Francisco Chronicle
Interinvestments Realty the renowned Miami real estate firm announces the inauguration of its international website, showcasing the finest properties in the South Florida housing market. Read More

Seizing the Moment, Interinvestments Realty’s Associates are Breaking Records, Helping Canadians Purchase their Real Estate Properties in South Florida

06/01/2012 | Source Yahoo News
Buyers are coming from every corner of the world, but the Canadian homebuyer accounted for 75% of all purchases by foreigners in Miami for the month of February. Canadians represent 70.5% of all international homeowners in South Florida according to data provided by the Miami Association of Realtors. Canadians are attracted to Miami’s warm weather, pristine beaches and a very favorable currency exchange rate.Read More

Interinvestments Realty is Very Proud to Announce That Lee Lewedag Will Be Joining Our Teaching Staff as the New Director of Prospecting and Farming

06/21/2012 | Source Sun Herald
We are very excited to have her as part of our team! Ms. Lewedag is highly regarded in the real estate industry for her impeccable trajectory during her thirty two year professional career. She specializes in the area of Costa del Sol in Doral, where she was able to build a very successful real estate farm.Read More

Interinvestments Realty, South Florida Premiere Real Estate Firm, Announces the Launching of CLIENTCENTER.PRO!

07/05/2012 | Source El Nuevo Herald
Setting in motion its revolutionary plans, Interinvestments Realty is introducing a new technical tool that will be fully integrated into its existing platform. The new tool, is a contact management system that will allow our associates to keep records and monitor activities, while maintaining contact with their clients.Read More

Interinvestments Realty's Agents Are Having A "Field Day" Selling South Florida's Properties To Investors, As Buyers Rush To Buy While Prices Are Still Low

07/19/2012 | Source Miami Herald
When some European nations face the Euro Austerity Programme, Spaniards dread that the country's economic woes will deepen with the new measures rather than solve them; and in a signal of despair tumultuous crowds are protesting against the draconian measures imposed by their governments.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Celebrates the Real Estate Housing Recovery in South Florida and Will Recognize Its Winners with Festivities at the New Marlins' Stadium

08/07/2012 | Source Mercury News - Silicon Valley
August 28, 2012, will be the date in which Interinvestments Realty Management Team will award the "All Stars" winners in its latest sales contest: "A Night with the Marlins," in their stadium suite (VIP Suites-Founders Club Seats).Read More

Interinvestments Realty Introduces an Innovative Concept for Marketing Real Estate Online, Showcasing the Best Selection of New-Construction Properties in South Florida

08/26/2012 | Source NBC 12
Our sui generis magazine features the best opportunities in new-construction properties in today’s marketplace. Our selection will include Builders’ inventory, close-outs and properties at pre-construction prices. It will also define the best time to buy during construction and how to take advantages of the best financing options available in the market. But what we consider to be the foremost benefit of all is our own experience to properly guide our clients through the complex maze of the new-construction world.Read More

Is Miami Entering a 'Seller's Market'? Dwindling Inventories and Strong Sales Activity Could Signal a New Era in South Florida's Housing Market

09/10/2012 | Source ABC 13
Interinvestments Realty Management Team has confirmed an utter lack of properties in the resale inventory in South Florida. When we combine this low level of properties available for sale, with a very strong demand from buyers in a sustained sales activity, sales prices normally tend to appreciate, just as we have been witnessed in Miami's marketplace. This creates an attractive scenario for future home sellers.Read More

Interinvestments Realty is Announcing that a Big Change has Taken Place in the South Florida's Housing Market: Miami has become a New "Seller's Market!"

09/28/2012 | Source NBC KWCQ News
According to the Interinvestments Realty's Management Directors, many different forces have created a sudden and unexpected situation. The Directors have reached the forgone conclusion, the buyers are no longer in the driver's seat in Miami’s ever-changing housing market. The main cause that precipitate the change is a very simple one, too many bidders and not enough homes. A true exponent of the current situation is the many uncompleted transactions, which shows that the home buyers are not getting the house they bid for and sellers are not even bothering to acknowledge their offers with a call back. Listings in this area are receiving multiple offers, most at or above asking prices, and home sellers are having the luxury to “cherry-pick” buyers and only answer to the selected ones.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces Miami’s Housing Market Price Appreciation: Luxury Units in Brickell are Now Selling Close to 2006-2007 Price Levels!

10/30/2012 | Source Yahoo News
Interinvestments Realty’s Analytics Department in their periodic research activities, have uncovered different properties inside the Miami marketplace, which have appreciated in value in a relatively short period of time, pointing to a faster recovery in the area. Currently, the luxury condominiums located in the Brickell area have been selling close to the boom-years’ price levels.Read More

Propelled by the Recent Election in Venezuela a Massive Exodus of Homebuyers are Fleeing their Country with Capital to Invest in South Florida's Real Estate Market

10/17/2012 | Source Miami Herald
Since Chavez was originally elected in 1998, the gradual emigration from Venezuela to the U.S. has been steadily rising. Actually, there are approximately 200,000 Venezuelans living in the U.S., and 57% of them currently reside in the South Florida area, this number does not include undocumented immigrants.Read More

Interinvestments Realty’s Sales Associates Have Reached a Milestone by Selling 5000 Units in Over 320 New-Construction Developments in the South Florida Marketplace

11/20/2012 | Source Miami Herald
According to Interinvestments Realty Management Directors, the success achieved by their sales team is the result of a very close relationship established by Interinvestments Realty and the most reputable Builders in the South Florida's market, which gives an edge to their clients and real estate associates.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Proudly Announces that its Sales Associates Sold $1.5B in New Construction Properties in the South Florida Marketplace.

11/28/2012 | Source Miami Herald
Interinvestments Realty Sales Team’s success has set the bar well above all previous expectations, according to Interinvestments Management Directors. They attribute the smashing success to a combination of finding the right product, and a well crafted plan to promote and sell the best new-construction properties available in the South Florida housing market. Read More

Even With Tight Inventories in the South Florida Marketplace, Interinvestments Realty Introduces a Vast Selection of Quality Properties by Combining Resale and New Homes

12/21/2012 | Source ABC News
Interinvestments Realty’s Management Directors underscore that South Florida’s real estate market has undergone a dramatic change in the prior months, resulting in pent-up demand for homes, which depleted the available inventory of existing homes and propelled a rapid rise in construction starts.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces Significant Sales Activity in Local Markets Has Launched South Florida as the Fastest Recovery Market in U.S. History

01/16/2013 | Source MoneyShow
The data gathered by Interinvestments Realty's research department indicates that the intense motion created by a sustained sales activity in recent months and a pent-up demand have contributed to price increases in the local real estate market, establishing South Florida as one of the most coveted areas to currently invest in.Read More

Interinvestments Realty announces that South Florida's Luxury Condos Are on Fire, Fetching Prices Never Seen before in the Area

01/28/2013 | Source Bradenton Herald
Data uncovered by Interinvestments Realty’s Research Department shows that in South Beach, especially in its uber-trendy South of Fifth neighborhood, the new sales prices paid are pushing the area to a different price level.Read More

Interinvestments Realty, One of the Most Technologically Advanced Real Estate Firms in South Florida, Introduces New Programs, Tools and Benefits

02/12/2013 | Source International Business Times
On January 22, 2013; Interinvestments Realty’s Management Directors celebrated their first meeting of the year at their Corporate Offices located at 730 NW 107th Avenue, Suite #120, Miami, FL, during which the Office’s 2013 business plans were launched.Read More

Interinvestments Realty, the Premier South Florida Firm is Announcing that the Housing Industry is Driving Local Growth

02/27/2013 | Source PR Web
Interinvestments Realty’s Research Analysts have concurred that the bursting of the housing bubble plunged the national economy into a deep recession, from which it has yet to fully recover, but the current economic indicators are signaling the housing market could lift the general economy out from the doldrums.Read More

The Approval of a New-Construction Loan to Build Luxury Condos in Miami, Marks a Milestone in the Way Builders will Finance Real Estate.

03/13/2013 | Source The Sun
Interinvestments Realty’s Research Department is announcing that the new loan for the construction of a luxury tower in the Mansions at Acqualina, in Sunny Isles, near Miami, is the first deal of its size since the housing crash.Read More

Recent Sales of Luxury Condos in Miami Marks a Milestone by Fetching the Highest Prices Ever in the South Florida's Housing Market

03/27/2013 | Source El Nuevo Herald
Interinvestments Realty’s Research Department confirms that never before seen sales prices are increasing the value of properties well above expectations, in every tier of Miami’s luxury condo market.Read More

In a Post-Chavez Era, Propelled by the Rampant Political Instability in Their Homeland, Miami Remains a Magnet for Venezuelan Homebuyers.

03/28/2013 | Source Miami Herald
Interinvestments Realty’s Management Directors concur with local media reports that predict that Venezuelans will continue to be the No.1 foreign buyer for the South Florida housing market.Read More

Interinvestments Realty, the Foremost Real Estate Firm, Announces that New-Construction Properties are Hot in the South Florida Marketplace

04/04/2013 | Source Miami Herald
It's zero hour for new-construction in the Miami housing market. With dwindling inventories, new-construction has rebounded to quench the current demands from buyers.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces New Mortgage Programs with Attractive Interest Rates and Low Down Payment for International Homebuyers Available in the South Florida

04/25/2013 | Source Bradenton News
Interinvestments Realty Research Department considers that the demand from overseas buyers tied to a notable lack of inventory in South Florida and the futuristic construction plans for this particular area, have contributed to a very fast, surprising home value appreciation, that could be the first spark that will ignite the total recovery for the U.S. housing market.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces the Sale of a Luxury Condo at Brickell's Four Seasons Residences For Nearly $3M

05/23/2013 | Source El Nuevo Herald
Javier Cardenal, Broker and Commercial Director of Interinvestments Realty, brokered the Four Seasons Residences' deal. "The last unit we sold in the Four Seasons was unit 46E, which was listed at $2,999,000 and it closed for $2,900,000," says J. Cardenal. "The condominium has 3,357 square feet and it sold for $836 per sqft. The unit sold is a four bedroom residence that is on the north east corner of the building. It has marble and wood floors with spectacular city and bay views."Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces that their Sales Associates are Smashing Established Selling Records by Closing a Greater Number of Luxury Condos in the Brickell Market

06/13/2013 | Source International Business Times
Interinvestments Realty’s Research Department confirms that an existing home-buying frenzy is occurring in South Florida’s housing market. This is the result of strong buyer demand and very scarce inventory for sale.Read More

Developing Their Expansive Marketing Plans, Interinvestments Realty Is Introducing New Technological Tools and Videos That Will Integrate into Their Existing Platform

06/28/2013 | Source Beyond the Dow
Recent data reported by the National Association of Realtors reveals that the number of homebuyers that initiate their property search using the Internet is as high as 94 percent.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces That Cocoplum Records a Significant Price Increase for Their Luxury Residences in Coral Gables

08/20/2013 | Source Miami Herald
Cocoplum is well known for its exclusive waterfront properties and luxury estates. This year the selling price reached by their properties has been surprisingly high, as it almost reflects the prices previously paid during the boom years.Read More

Interinvestments Realty, the Premier Real Estate Firm in Miami, Announces Their Unique Training Seminars: 'Bootcamp Series for Real Estate Agents

08/29/2013 | Source Pittsburgh Gazzet
The integration of the mentioned softwares will allow Interinvestments Realty's associates to first obtain all the relevant information on a property, use Forms Simplicity..Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces its Cutting-Edge Training Seminars and Introduces Bootcamp 2: Area Guided Tours For Real Estate Agents

09/30/2013 | Source El Nuevo Herald
Interinvestments Realty, which specializes in the new-construction sector, encourages its associates to have a unique product to offer to their clients, as they consider that it's really important to stand apart from the competition. In fact, specialization will eliminate ninety eight percent of the competition.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Continues at the Vanguard of the Technological Field in Miami, Introducing a New Tool That Will Forever Change the Online Communication

10/21/2013 | Source The Network Journal
After an interested person requests the mentioned report, just by clicking and selecting between a listing or a development, one of Interinvestments Realty's experienced associates will prepare a detailed market activity report that will take into account the properties closed during the last six months, the actual sold properties pending closing, and the current ones that are active for sale on the market. Read More

Interinvestments Realty, the Technologically Advanced Real Estate Firm in Miami, Has Enhanced Its Website to Allow Optimal Communication Between Agents and Clients

10/29/2013 | Source Sun Herald
he selected agents will be chosen by their area of expertise, and their previous experience in the geographical area where the property is located, combined with their experience in the type of property being sought, like condominiums, oceanfront, etc.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces That Lenders Are Now Offering Loans to Homebuyers, Making it Possible for Local Purchasers to Finance Their Homes

12/23/2013 | Source Investorplace
Predictions for the New Year include more real estate transactions and increased activity by domestic buyers. How active they can be in the marketplace depends entirely on job and wage growth, and how willing lenders are to finance their purchases.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces Government Assistance Programs Available in the South Florida Housing Market That Could Help Local Buyers Finance Their Home Purchases

01/09/2014 | Source El Nuevo Herald
The New Year predictions regarding the real estate industry are very positive, with great activity expected from buyers and sellers, as well as new-construction developers. An increase in long-term interest rates is also expected, making it very attractive for bankers and lenders to finance mortgages in the South Florida marketplace.Read More

Interinvestments Realty Announces New Mortgage Programs with Attractive Interest Rates and Low Down Payment for International Homebuyers Available in the South Florida

01/21/2014 | Source Worth
Actually, the general expectation is that interest rates will remain low for the present year, offering an excellent opportunity to secure and qualify for a low monthly payment. These mortgage loans are now available for local and international homebuyers in a thriving housing market, where real estate assets constantly increase in value.Read More

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